Mentorship for the AYuTe Top-10

The AYuTe Ethiopia Challenge Ag-Tech innovation competition Top-10 competitors are receiving mentorship and coaching to prepare them for the upcoming rounds of pitch competitions.

Selam Wondim, CEO and Co-Founder of GroHydro, is mentoring the competitors with her team to equip them with the relevant techniques and approaches to successfully present and pitch their respective ag-tech innovation idea.

The mentorship is taking place today in BlueSpace Ethiopia, one of the best venues in Addis with a facility that enables entrepreneurs and innovators realize their unique idea.

The Top-10 competitors are expected to perform their innovation pitches on the first-round pitch competition tomorrow, 11 June 2022, at Jupiter International Hotel. The first-round pitch will be convened by a five-member jury and in the presence of invited audiences, and will result in selecting the Top-5 Finalists. The Grand Finale of the AYuTe Ethiopia Challenge in which the Top-5 Finalists compete to be the 2022 AYuTe Ethiopia Champion and to win the cash prizes will be held on Monday 13 June 2022 at Elilly International Hotel in Addis Ababa.

More Pictures are available HERE.

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