AYuTe Ethiopia Challenge – Shortlisting Evaluation Completed

The AYuTe Ethiopia Challenge, an Agri-Tech innovation competition for Ethiopian youth, officially launched with a press briefing held on 23 May 2022 at Jupiter Hotel, Addis Ababa, in the presence of the media community.

Application form for the competition was accessible to all Ethiopian youth on the AYuTe Ethiopia Challenge website, where applicants fill and submit basic information about themselves, including by describing the idea they propose an Agri-Tech innovation.
During eight days of application window, the organizers received a total of 535 application from all regions and city administrations, except Gambela and Tigray regions.

The shortlisting evaluation process began immediately after application was closed on 28 May 2022. Five evaluators, selected and assigned based on their qualification and experience, undertook the shortlisting task which included screening of applications based on the basic eligibility criteria, as well as shortlisting based on clearly defined evaluation criteria.

Using a scoring tool particularly designed for the competition, the five evaluators have finally completed the evaluation process and submitted scores of each application. The organizers of the competition would like to acknowledge and appreciate the five evaluators for their impressive effort of reading, analyzing, and scoring applications which has taken three consecutive days.

The top-10 Shortlisted applicants of the AYuTe Ethiopia Challenge and their full profile will be announced in the coming days, and each of them will be contacted by the organizers for due diligence and additional documentation.

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