Top-10 Shortlisted Applicants

We are pleased to announce the top-10 shortlisted applicants for the AYuTe Ethiopia Challenge. The shortlisted applicants will compete on the first round of pitches on 11 June 2022 in which top-5 finalists will be identified for the grand finale.

Below is the list of the top-10 shortlisted applicants; the order of the list is alphabetical and does not indicate rank.

  1. Eden Tekele Beyessa
  2. Geremachew Wagaye Yirgete
  3. Melkamu Atalel Tarekegn
  4. Meron Tesfaye G/Wahid
  5. Meskerem Yemaneh Kahsay
  6. Nebeyu Mekonen Hunegnaw
  7. Samson Manie Wogie
  8. Samuel Getachew Mulugeta and Yosef Lakew Feyssa
  9. Yishak Amdeselassie Fentamarya
  10. Zena Ferede Gesesse

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